I am currently working on three publications: a journal article, a book and a chapter for an edited volume. They are due in 2020 and 2021 respectively. All publications are related to my PhD research on the Copperbelt in Zambia. They cover the topics fieldwork access and anthropological knowledge production, and post-colonial and post-industrial ruination and renovation.

Off- and online

Translation, 2015, 'Benguela Railway: The Glory of "Made in China"', Cowries and Rice by Winslow Robertson

Translation, 2015, 'China Nonferrous Metals News: China Nonferrous Metal Mining Group goes off the beaten path', Cowries and Rice by Winslow Robertson

Book review, 2014, Chinese Diplomacy in Eastern and Southern Africa by Seifudein Adam, East Asia Integration Studies, Hanns Seidel Foundation

Contributions, 2008, Chinesische Welten: Eindrücke aus dem Reich ohne Mitte, edited by Siegfried Grillmeyer, Wochenschau-Verlag

Contribution, 2007, Wir sind die besseren Globalisierer, edited by Siegfried Grillmeyer, Wochenschau-Verlag


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15 November 2020

8. Asientag: Dialog oder Monolog?

The eigth 'Asientag' of Stiftung Asienhaus is dedicated to dialogue and/or monologue in the context of development politics and NGO cooperation. Together with my colleague at the China Programme, I am going to organise a workshop on the changes in development cooperation with China in the past decade.


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