Christian Straube

Since my father taught me how to pronounce 'Multispektralkamera' as a toddler, I am interested in photography. Always with my camera at hand, I attempt to submerge into the world around me. The background images on this website represent a lose assemblage from various places around the world that I have visited over the years.

I have tried to turn my hobby into something more professional. A photo exhibition at my former grammar school about my voluntary service in Anekal (India) in 2006 marked the beginning. In 2013, I provided the thematic photos for the conference 'Age and Images of Ageing in Germany and China' of the Confucius Institute Frankfurt. I have also provided photos to the Institute of Chinese Studies' website at Heidelberg University. During the fieldwork for my PhD thesis, I found photography to be a crucial method to document the spatial and material aspects of people's lives.