China in Africa

My PhD project began with a trip to Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe in 2011 and the cover picture taken by Thomas Lekfeldt on the 2011 Human Rights Watch Report "You'll Be Fired If You Refuse". I wanted to know for myself what Sino-African relations were like on the ground.

I set out with an enquiry into grassroots Sino-Zambia encounters at a Chinese-run mine on Zambia's Copperbelt. In March 2016, I had to abort the project. It became clear to me that the mine management would never grant me access to the mine premises. Three years of China-Africa research came to an end. The online references below are a personal relict of that time in my research. They are mainly English medium platforms and as websites go on- and offline continuously, I do not claim completeness in any sense (needless to say that the categories are absolutely subjective). Still, the references might be useful to all interested in the field of China-Africa relations.

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Academic Institutions & Projects:

AFRASO | Africa-China Urban Initiative | ARI | CA/AC Research Project | CCS | China Africa Research Initiative | The China Story | OUCAN | PKU Tele-Info | SACE | SAIIA | Wits China-Africa

Researchers' Blogs:

Deborah Bräutigam | Ilaria Carrozza | Roberto Castillo | Sigrid Ekman | Lu Jinghao | Thierry Pairault | Marina Rudyak | Winslow Robertson | Zander Rounds | David Shinn | Mothusi Turner | Claire van den Heever

News & Analysis:

CHINAFRICA | The ChinaAfricaBlog | chinafrica Project | China Going Out | China Talking Points | from China to Africa | Jenni Marsh | Pambazuka News

Photography, Posters & Films:

African Friends | AFRICHINA | chinafrica | Diaspora Times Two | Mandela and China | Mining for Mao | TAZARA | When China Met Africa | Zhou Enlai on Safari

Government & related

CAJCCI | PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs | FOCAC

Non-Governmental Organisations

CIFOR | Global Witness

Other Platforms

Chinese in Africa | China-Africa Cooperation Net


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